Daniel Adam Pinto


Background: Daniel served in the Israeli Military for five years as a commander and leader of warfare in one of the most elite units of the Special Forces. He is currently pursuing a dual degree in Entrepreneurship & Business Management at IDC Herzliya & at Washington University in St. Louis.

Professional experience: Daniel gained experience in management at DuckFace Events which is one of the finest bar services for events in Israel. He also served as an executive assistant to the CEO in a big data startup and was part of a fundraising round of over $1M. Following that, he started his first business in Digital Marketing and assisted small companies to become more innovative, in order to increase their potential customer pool and revenue.

Team role: As CEO, Daniel focuses on fundraising and team building. In addition, he is in charge of obtaining legal coverage, communicating with vendors, working with the designers and animators, and selling the product to property management.