We believe only true teamwork leads to effective management.

Our vision is to bring property managers, on-site staff, and leasing experts together to work efficiently, cohesively and with a positive mindset. This translates to the best living conditions for tenants. Happy tenants pay on time, renew their lease, and tell their friends how amazing it is to live in communities man
aged by you.

As tenants and asset managers, we have lived through the inefficiencies in which many property management companies continue to operate.  

Old systems may still “work”, but the shortcomings cause frustration to both management and tenants. 

Property managers are drowning in emails, on-site staff are overwhelmed with maintenance requests, brokers are left out of the picture, and tenants demand more than ever. Vital data is scattered on various spreadsheets, saved in multiple folders, and stored in different databases. 

Despite the fact that business still churns onwards - units are turned over and rented at some point, work orders are completed sooner or later, and buildings still stand - management teams know the experience can be greatly improved.

The 21st-century beckons. 

The dark days of chronic uncertainty, the need for constant updates and human error have been corrected and clarified.  

We resolve these pitfalls by delivering technology that enhances the day-to-day management experience.

Dgit has been proven to 1) improve unit turnover procedures, 2) expedite the leasing and renewal process, and 3) boost operations and team collaboration.  

Every unit matters, every unit counts.

We make your life easier so you get more done in less time.

Increase occupancy and maximize profitability while lowering your workload so you can focus on what matters most.

Dgit is a property manager’s best friend.